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Enterprise Zone Tax Benefits
The intent of the program is to create and retain jobs, remove
conditions that make it difficult for a project to move forward, and to improve opportunities for revitalization of neighborhood residential and commercial districts.
• Most building materials exempt from Illinois sales tax (6.3%).
• 0.5% tax credit for investments in qualified property.

I-74 Low Interest Loan Program
The City of Moline recognizes the hardship that the I-74 Bridge Construction Project has placed on our downtown businesses. In order to help local business, the City is offering financial assistance in the form of a 1% interest loan up to $10,000. The City views this as an opportunity to share with the community the benefits from past loan programs.

Façade Improvement Program
The Façade Improvement Program assists business owners with rehabilitation of their business’ façade (storefront). Reimbursement of up to $20,000 for eligible façade improvement expenses.
• Applicants must be the owner of the building or a business within the building.
• All property tax payments must be current.
• Work can’t begin until the applicant receives a Letter of Commitment from the Design Committee.

Revolving Loan Fund Program
The Revolving Loan Fund Program was created as an opportunity for an entrepreneur/business person to obtain supplemental funding for a business project with the overall intent to encourage the expansion and the development of viable business and industrial activity in the City of Moline.

For more information, please visit the City of Moline website here.


Renew Moline’s work emphasizes “making Moline a better place to live, work, play, do business and learn” by coordinating closely with the City of Moline to implement its Comprehensive Plan, especially as it relates to the downtown riverfront area. The Plan forms a visionary, yet achievable basis for planning programs and development guidelines. It also suggests additional areas of study and planning that are essential in moving projects forward to successful completion.

Renew Moline has partnered with the City of Moline on several Master Plans and updates throughout the years.  

2016Moving Moline Forward

2014Moline Comprehensive Plans Update

2001Moline Centre Master Plan

2001Comprehensive Plan

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