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City of Moline Public Art & Placemaking Plan

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Project Detail

In 2019, in cooperation with the City of Moline, Renew Moline hired the Columbus, Ohio-based planning firm Designing Local to lead development of a public art master plan. The project was funded by the Moline Foundation.

The Downtown Public Art Master Plan was developed in a public, transparent and collaborative process and applied to the Moline Centre Plan area and select “special areas” in adjacent neighborhoods. Designing Local engaged the public in the planning process over a period of several months. The final product was a detailed and illustrative document that was adopted in September of 2021 by the Moline City Council. This document generally:

  • Defines and describes public art, to educate and inform the public about the role of art in community building;
  • Creates an inventory of existing public art assets and features; and
  • Established and promotes a clear vision for public art that aligns with the City’s economic development and urban design goals.

The Plan also includes an implementation strategy that offers the opportunity to seek funding through federal, state and local grants along with private and non-profit support; and also uses the development process to focus investments in public art into future development and infrastructure projects. By employing multiple funding sources, the Plan will be both balanced and implemented over time.

The City’s first Public Art Commission was established in late 2021 and held its first meeting in November 2021.