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Quad City Arts artists, building owner Pam Fisher, Kevin Maynard (Quad City Arts), Paul Plagenz (Moline Foundation) and Carrie O’Neill (Renew Moline).

Celebrating New Art in Moline

[July 10, 2020, Moline IL] – Community members cut the ribbon to celebrate a new mural in downtown Moline, a collaborative effort of building-owner Pam Fisher, Renew Moline, Quad City Arts, and The Moline Foundation. The mural, titled “A New Day”, was designed and executed by apprentice artists of the Quad City Arts Metro Arts Youth Apprenticeship Program. Carrie O’Neill, Chairman of the Board of Renew Moline said, “It’s an exciting day for the City with the completion of the first Metro Arts Youth Apprenticeship Program mural in Moline. Art is vitally important to creating a sense of place for residents and visitors. Renew is committed to helping Moline expand on its public art offerings and we are happy to have helped to secure the funding and facilitate the process for this project.”

Under the direction of lead artist Sarah Robb, eight apprentice artists listened to Pam Fisher’s ideas for the mural and presented two options from which to choose. “A New Day” incorporates elements of the natural and built environments, with native flowers, the river, and musical elements woven into the design of a city bursting with life. Kevin Maynard, Executive Director of Quad City Arts, said, “Participants learn the artistic techniques and applications of their particular genre while developing personally and professionally and each apprentice receives a stipend for their work. Murals and street paintings throughout the Quad Cities are the lasting legacy of programs past. We are proud to add this mural to that legacy.”

The mural was funded in part by The Moline Foundation. “This collaborative mural project exemplifies and honors the legacy of two truly remarkable community leaders,” said Paul Plagenz, President/CEO of The Moline Foundation. “The Tom and Karen Getz Memorial Fund was established at The Moline Foundation to support and promote civic pride, youth development and the arts. This project does all three. Tom and Karen served and led innumerable community organizations with energy, commitment and heart. They would be proud of the Quad City Arts apprentice artists and the worked they’ve done here.”

Pam Fisher couldn’t be happier with the mural; the culmination of a dream two years in the making.