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Mural Project Call for Entries

Spiegel Building Public Art

Mural Project Call for Entries

Spiegel Building Art Project Purpose:
The City of Moline and Renew Moline wish to create a public art display on the Spiegel Building immediately north of River Drive adjacent to the new bridge in the space created by the boarded windows on the first floor. The Spiegel Building is owned by the City of Moline, is one of the few remaining factory buildings in downtown Moline from the industrial era. The building was built between 1928 and 1930 as the Eagle Signal Building. Because the historic character of the building is largely intact, it presents a unique redevelopment opportunity. The City’s civic leadership would like to use public art to engage the public in determining the future of the building. 

The purpose of the project is to accomplish three goals:
•   Highlight a City-owned asset and create interest in the building;
•   Beautify the downtown and River Drive experience with public art; and
•   Discourage graffiti on these new surfaces.

Scope of Work:
The south-facing windows are highly visible to traffic on River Drive where an estimated 18,000 cars pass daily. The proposed art project would cover the nine (9) windows measuring 94” X 83” each. Substrate material would be supplied to the artist selected to complete the project. The art project would be completed at the artist’s studio and delivered to the property to be installed by City of Moline staff. The artwork would become the property of the City of Moline. The artist and City will have a contract, approved by the City’s legal counsel (available upon request).

Project Goals and Concept:
The project intent is to beautify and draw attention to the building, a City owned asset and important piece of the historic fabric of downtown. It is also the centerpiece in the future of the redevelopment area created by the I-74 bridge project (see Attachment A). The public art project is designed to both encourage dialogue about the future development of the area and create curiosity and interest in the building. :
1)  Use the nine panels to spell out “Possibility!” In this option the letter would be the most prominent feature, but the artist could embellish around the letter.
2)  An original concept that visually expresses the goals of the project and the potential of the building.

Proposed Process:
Individual artists or an artist-led team are invited to submit proposals describing one or both of the concepts listed above.  Renew Moline, in cooperation with the City of Moline, anticipates working with an artist or artist-led team to develop:
• An approved concept that achieves the project goals;
• A list of materials needed and cost estimate; and
• A contract and deadline for work

Renew Moline will award $10,000 to the chosen artist, supply the substrate material, and install the art. All other costs including labor, paint and other materials, and transportation to the site will be the responsibility of the artist. Award distribution will be paid at sixty percent upon execution of contract and forty percent upon delivery.

RFP distribution:  August 17, 2020
Proposals with illustrated concepts due:  September 2, 2020
Concept review and selection:  September 3-9, 2020
Artist notified and contract executed:  September 11, 2020
Begin Work: Upon contract execution
Complete Project:  October 19, 2020

About the Spiegel Building:
The Spiegel Building is located at 200 – 20th Street in downtown Moline, Illinois. Located within the new I-74 River Bridge Crossing Corridor, the building is highly visible to local and interstate traffic. The entire district is part of a multi-year redevelopment plan that has included (and will include in the future) Interstate roadway and bridge construction and deconstruction, utility improvements, landscaping and streetscape improvements, additional parking, and other types of related infrastructure improvements throughout downtown.

Submission of Proposals:
Proposals are due by 5:00 pm on Wednesday, September 2, 2020.
Proposals must include:
• Concept illustrations
• Written description of the project concept
• Artist resume/biography
• Examples of artist’s previous mural work

Proposals may be emailed or sent to:
     Renew Moline, Inc.
     Alexandra Elias, CEO/President
     1506 River Drive, Moline, IL 61265
     C)  309-428-4916
     O) 309-762-9190

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