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An Effective Process

In recognition of their unique project development processes, Renew Moline and the City of Moline were received the International Economic Development Council’s (IEDC) Promotional Award for a Multi-Year Economic Development Program Best Practice.

Building The Future Of Moline

Our collaboration with local, state and federal government agencies has resulted in a nearly $400 million investment in renovation and newly built properties in Moline’s downtown, riverfront area. 

Planning & Development Services

Renew Moline facilitates development by serving as the link between developers, local businesses, elected officials, city staff and regional/state partners. Through those relationships, development planning and visioning comes to fruition.

A Success Story Over 30 Years In The Making

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Renew Moline, Inc. is an award-winning, non-profit economic development organization devoted to the development of the City of Moline. Moline is part of the greater Quad City Region located west of Chicago at the crossroads of Interstate 80 and the Mississippi River. The City is also home to the worldwide headquarters of John Deere.


This organization was established in 1989 as Moline was rebounding from an agricultural depression that severely impacted the Quad Cities costing more than 23,000 jobs. The riverfront and downtown business district was devastated by the loss of merchants, residents, and pedestrian traffic. This resulted in underutilized land and deteriorating buildings further causing a decline in property values.


Renew Moline is the non-profit economic development entity planning for the future; facilitating development; connecting resources and people; and advocating for public policies and programs in order to realize opportunities for continued investment in and repositioning of Moline, Illinois' riverfront into the place to live, work, play and learn.


The successful implementation of the Moline Centre Plan will ensure that the entire community will grow and thrive in concert with the downtown and Mississippi Riverfront, now known as Moline Centre. Since 1989, this partnership has facilitated over $400 million of public and private investments that significantly eliminated blight and substantially revitalized Moline Centre, fast becoming a national model as a place to live, work, and play.


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Take a look at ideas for the Spiegel Building!
The Spiegel Project: Heart of the Arts District (


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