PROJECT OVERVIEW - $80 Million Investment

Western Illinois University has had a presence in the Quad Cities for more than 100 years.  In 2002, the Illinois Quad City Chamber of Commerce, with support from the education and business sectors, initiated a community-wide needs assessment of higher education.  The assessment concluded that the Quad Cities needed to expand access to higher education to meet current education demands of up to 5,000 students while stimulating economic development.

In 2003, Deere and Company donated its former Technical Center and the 20 adjacent acres of highly valued Mississippi Riverfront as the site for the WIU-QC Riverfront Campus.

Phase I of this project was completed in January 2012 with the renovation and reuse of the former Deere Tech Center into a 2-story, 60,000 square foot, LEED certified classroom and administrative building.  The Quad Cities celebrated the opening and start of classes Goldfarb Grand Atrium – a location where students, faculty, staff and visitors can collaborate, study, learn, and interact with a scenic vista of the Mississippi River.

The WIU-QC riverfront campus is now home to undergraduate classes in business and technology, engineering, human services, and arts and sciences. Following precedent established and maintained at the John Deere Road location which was home to the campus for more than XX years, once phases II and III are completed, the new state of the art location will feature high-tech classrooms, computing, and engineering laboratories, student services, the U.S. Bank Writing Center, and a Library annex.


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Phase I of the future WIU-QC Riverfront Campus in Moline, IL.




The first phase will include the renovation of an existing two-story brick building comprised of 60,000 square feet.  This building will house the College of Business and Technology.  The balance of the campus will consist of some 110,000 square feet of newly constructed buildings spread among the 20 acres.  The entire campus will be composed of modern steel and glass structures, as will adjacent development.  Open squares and green lawns will give this commuter campus a walkabilty factor.

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The campus will achieve a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Building Rating System™ status and be designed to complement surrounding private development which is also planned to support the educational and high-tech environment.


The WIU-QC Riverfront Campus will be the critical component to the success of the Mississippi River Technology Corridor and become the cornerstone of the RiverTech district.



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PLANS & DRAWINGSRenewMolineWIU-QCRiverfrontCampus

Phase II MasterPlan


Click to enlarge - WIU Riverfront Campus Site Plan

Campus Site Plan

Click to enlarge - East Elevation

East Elevation

Click to enlarge - West Elevation

West Elevation

Click to enlarge - Phase I Floor Plan

Phase I Floor Plan

Click to enlarge - Northwest Corner Rendering

Northwest Corner


Click to enlarge - Interior Rendering

Interior Rendering

Click to enlarge - Lecture Lab

Lecture Lab

Click to enlarge - RiverTech Masterplan

RiverTech Masterplan


Campus Video Tour

Campus Design Presentation


Project Successes

Renew Moline's successful collaboration with local, state and federal government agencies has resulted in a nearly $400 million investment in renovation and newly built properties in Moline's downtown, riverfront area.  And more is planned!

These investments have created jobs and returned energy to the old downtown. Over 2,000 people now work full time in downtown and nearly 600 fill part-time roles. Approximately half of these jobs have been created by the redevelopment that has taken place so far.  And more than 2,000 construction jobs have resulted from the projects now in place.

Comparison: Old Moline and New Moline