As an integral component of Moline’s Riverfront Civic Renewal Project, the John Deere Commons has invited citizens and tourist to its downtown locale.  The area is a combination of office space, shopping, entertainment, and restaurants, and the name is really just the term to identify them all.   The John Deere Pavilion is really the centrepiece of this designated area as it brings in those looking to catch a glimpse of the famous green and yellow machines.


Opening in August of 1997, the John Deere Commons was designed to be a showpiece and attraction for downtown Moline.  Today, the Commons, as it is most commonly referred, encompasses several structures including:

RenewMolineJohnDeereCommonsThe iWireless Center

RenewMolineJohnDeereCommonsRadisson on the Commons (TGI Friday’s)

RenewMolineJohnDeereCommonsCentre Station

RenewMolineJohnDeereCommonsThe John Deere Pavilion and Store

RenewMolineJohnDeereCommonsUnited HealthCare (Formerly John Deere Health)

RenewMolineJohnDeereCommonsJohnny’s Italian Steakhouse


The John Deere Pavilion is a massive open-structure that houses some of the oldest and some of the newest John Deere equipment ever made.  The mix of history and history making is enjoyable for the many tourists the fill in throughout the year.  Outside, during the months of April through September, the Pavilion displays some of John Deere’s largest machines from combines to bulldozers.


The John Deere Store is connected to the Pavilion and provides a large variety of John Deere merchandise.  The area has become know to the locals as “The Commons” as made more ubiquitous by the annual “Lighting of the Commons” holiday event where the large Christmas Tree and surrounding shrubbery are illuminated all at once during the celebration.  

According to Deere & Company’s website:

“To date, the John Deere Pavilion has attracted over one and a half million guests from over 50 countries and all 50 states. It has become the Quad Cities' most popular tourist attraction and is now recognized as one of Illinois' top five tourist attractions.


The John Deere Pavilion and John Deere Commons project have drawn on the combined efforts and support of federal, state, and local officials. It is a great example of a public-private partnership that can help a city develop an attraction that will benefit an entire community socially and economically for years to come.”




Click to enlarge - John Deere Commons Painting

John Deere Commons Painting

Click to enlarge - Office Complex Rendering

Office Complex Rendering

Click to enlarge - John Deere Pavilion

John Deere Pavilion

Click to enlarge - John Deere Commons Today

JD Commons Today




Project Successes

Renew Moline's successful collaboration with local, state and federal government agencies has resulted in a nearly $400 million investment in renovation and newly built properties in Moline's downtown, riverfront area.  And more is planned!

These investments have created jobs and returned energy to the old downtown. Over 2,000 people now work full time in downtown and nearly 600 fill part-time roles. Approximately half of these jobs have been created by the redevelopment that has taken place so far.  And more than 2,000 construction jobs have resulted from the projects now in place.

Comparison: Old Moline and New Moline